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from teacher's guides to "I Am My Own Wife"

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Dec. 31st, 2006 | 11:43 am

How do we identify ourselves?
Why do we identify ourselves in those ways?
Is it important that we define certain things about ourselves? If it is important, according to whom?
Why does someone's sexual orientation matter to others? Or does it?
Has there been a time when you tried on a different identity – what was that like?
Why do people react more intensely to hearing that someone is gay rather than they are Christian, for example?
What are stereotypes? How are they formed? Who comes up with them? How are they perpetuated?

along with a bunch of other good stuff... http://www.goodmantheatre.org/_pdfs/teacherguide_wife.pdf


First, list who you are physically.
What do you look like?
Then, describe your ethnicity, heritage, color, religion, gender, nationality, your job, and your family roles.

Second, make a list of words that describe your personality.
List adjectives to express what kind of person you are.
Also answer the following questions:What do you like to do?
What are your hobbies?
What are your favorite foods, musicians, or television shows?

Finally, make a list of the things that you believe in personally.
List anything that is important to you in your life.
This can be anything from your religious beliefs and issues at your school that you have an opinion about, to global issues such as the war with Iraq, and everything in between.

Now take a look at all three of those lists. Which one do you think describes you best? Why?

(from http://www.pcs.org/_images/study_guides/2006_07/IamMyOwnWifeGuide.pdf)

have discovered that Skidmore has a copy of I Am My Own Wife. I win.

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