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Dec. 30th, 2006 | 11:46 pm

want to include an excerpt from I Am My Own Wife but cannot figure out a means of acquiring the script without paying for it. have looked at numerous script-downloading sites with no success. any suggestions would be welcome.

am basically stuck on the whole transwoman idea. basically, I want a transwoman to be a presence in the play but have no idea what to do with her. this would be another plea for suggestions. I thought I Am My Own Wife might have something but seeing as I can't get it, that's not much help. I really wanted the description of Charlotte in which he describes her as "not looking like a drag queen," and Charlotte's story of discovering the book that teaches her that sometimes, women are born into men's bodies.

am also looking for a means of acquiring that song from Better Than Chocolate, "I'm Not a Fucking Drag Queen," without paying for it. if anyone has it and would be willing to let me steal it, I'd be much obliged.

must see TransAmerica. perhaps that will inspire me.

(also, I LOVE that every time livejournal emails me, it addresses me: "Hi genderf_ck.")

am torn between the idea of having a "central" character--someone less defined who can therefore be more open to what they experience from other people, and making the play that character's "journey" (though not their story per se)--or, simply letting the audience be that character who is going on the journey. part of me feels as though the former could give it some much-needed structure, perhaps?

also: how do you incorporate statistics into a theatre piece without making it clunky and preachy? there is virtually NO EVIDENCE that children of gay parents turn out any less mentally sound than children of straight parents; in fact, children of gay parents have slightly fewer mental health problems than those of straight parents, and are less confined by gender roles--more willing to play with members of both sexes, for instance--than those of straight parents. how does one incorporate this in a theatrical way gracefully? simply showing one healthy child of a gay couple won't work; the fact that studies of numerous children have shown this is the important thing. there is a "TV newscast" segment at the beginning, perhaps I could include it there... "This just in: A new study has shown that blah blah blah." maybe.

another concern is how to switch back and forth between a crazy-surreal, music video type of world, and a more down-to-earth, "realistic" world of recognizable relationships. I want some moments to be weird and grotesque and not have any dialogue at all, and others to just be simple conversations. and people's "characters" shift slightly between those moments, though the prototype remains the same. how to make that transition?

1. Make a list of names or insults a person might be called for being too masculine. Every possibility you can think of.
Now make a list of names a person could be called for being too feminine.

2. What would you do if you woke up tomorrow and you were a different sex? Imagine that corrective surgery is not an option.

3. Imagine a world in which women live in a society with only women and men live in a society with only men. (Imagine there are no in-betweens, boths, neithers, etc.) Women do not even know that men exist, nor do men know that women exist. People procreate via test tube babies. What do you think this world would be like? What would be the effect of one not having any concept of the other and vice versa? Would women have any concept of themselves as women, or men as men, with nothing to contrast it to? Would people separate themselves into groups/categories according to something else?

4. How would your life have been different if you had been born a different sex? How would people have treated you differently (or similarly)? What opportunities would you have had, or not had?

5. In what ways do you consider yourself "masculine," "feminine," "androgynous," or all of the above? How do you think other people perceive you in relation to masculinity and/or femininity?

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The one, the only: L-Sko

(no subject)

from: lskonech
date: Dec. 31st, 2006 03:19 pm (UTC)

in regards to at least the problem with statistics (and i don't know if this is helpful since i know nothing about your piece though am fascinated right now), try just getting your hands on some raw data. You know, the official reports or whatever, with all the sciencey talk or just numbers. Maybe incorporate that audibly while something else is going on. People tend to respond to this i think.


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